The Girls

Here we have a mix of brown egg layers and some white egg layers. Our Novagen girls finally started laying this January, they're the sweetest hens we've had! 

We love seeing the different size Eggs each day. Different shapes, the no shell eggs, the round Eggs, the double yolk Eggs. I feel bad for the ones who lay those! Growing up and eating eggs from the store, I would have never known there were brown, blue or green eggs! I never knew there were different shapes and sizes. I now love each day going to collect those eggs and it's always a surprise!

The girls molt at certain time of year and the time change throws off their laying patterns. Molting is when's they loose feathers and grow new ones, a normal process. But they sure look like they've had a bad hair day, yikes!

Our girls are free to roam around, they really don't know how to feel about the snow but they love to peck it off our boots as we go collect eggs or feed. They eat Non-GMO grain, grass, bugs, veggies - as they should.

Fall of 2019 we will start a new bunch of peeps who would begin laying by Spring of 2020.

You may find white, green, blueish and brown eggs in our cartons.

Enjoy a fresh dozen of eggs today.