Freedom Ranger Birds

Rangers are slower growing meat bird than the commercial chicken. The peeps ship to the post office at 2 days old and we bring them to our brooder area. 2 day old peeps have never had food or water so we dip each beak and watch them run around and figure out life just that easy! Our chickens are finished at 11 weeks and then processed in Southern, Ohio.

 2017 was the start of making ground chicken, chicken patties and chicken sausage links as it has become more popular. Your red meat alternative- And I guarantee you can trick your household with your spaghetti recipe, yum!

Butcher Dates: Feb 2019


  • Whole Chicken 4-6# $3 per pound
  • Chicken Leg/Thigh Quarter $3.75 per pound
  • Chicken Breast/Wing Quarter $4.50 per pound
  • Chicken Patties $5.50
  • Chicken Link $6 per pound
  • Chicken Ground $5.25 per pound
  • Chicken Wings $3.25 per pound
  • Chicken Breast boneless skinless $7 per pound *limited
  • Chicken backs for soup $5 per bag
  • Organs, Ask

Turkey available at limited times

Ground Turkey $6/lb

Turkey Burger $6.50/lb