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appreciate life on the farm

I love the mornings, opening the door to the chicken house and watching them joyfully run outside after their safe night closed up so that predators do not get them. I love hearing the pigs grunt as a hello when you walk past the fence.

I love watching the cattleā€™s reaction to the tractor cleaning their barn. They are curious and playful as if the tractor was a toy. They love to lick, their tongues feel like sand paper.I would have never known this if I didn't raise cattle.

I love hearing the girls singing in the mornings from their nesting boxes. Who would have know there are other colored eggs than just white? Growing up I didn't know this! There can be soft shelled eggs, misshaped eggs, brown, green or blue eggs! Chickens do not lay eggs until they are 20 weeks old, make sure you keep them locked up at night!

I love moments after a rain when the pigs lay happily submerged in the mud greeting others with a grunt and wiggling their curly tails. Pigs very smart animals, they lay in the mud to stay cool because they do not sweat.

I love to smile, and we should because looking at our livestock they are happy.

I love hearing returning customers tell us the difference they tasted in our meat compared to the store. I love talking with the butcher about how our meats look and the praise we get about our product. I love the time spent with the animals. I am proud of our products.

"Being a farmer means feeding more than just your family, it means feeding your community, feeding your friends and feeding others in the world."-pink tractor

I love growing our own food. I love watching plants grown, I love planting season as I love harvest season. It is amazing how that tiny little seed can grow into a beautiful, tasteful piece of food. Growing our own we taste the real flavor, nothing covered in wax. Our produce can be picked right from the garden and be eaten. Only spray we use is water! I love fresh veggies!

"Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord The farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it until it gets the early and late rains." - James 5:7

What to expect when buying beef in bulk

stock your freezer

Beef can be bought whole, half or quartered. 

The average quarter hanging weight is 175#. Customer is charged hanging weight. Hanging weight is after head, feet, hide, and insides have been removed. Cattle will "dress" at about 63%. Live weight to hanging weight is 37% loss for the farmer right out the gate. It is then only fair to charge the customer dead weight rather than live weight. Cut/wrap charges are paid SEPERATE when your product is picked up from processing.

Our average hanging weights are from 650-800# each year.

The beef is hung from anywhere from 5 to 14 days, called "dry age". This will even cause a 2-5% loss, evaporating liquids from the meat.

Ex. Carcass Weights:

1200 live = 756 hang

1100 live = 693 hang

1000 live = 630 hang

900 live = 567 hang

Take home product:

You'll be taking home a variety of cuts! And generally will be 65% of that hanging weight. Percentages will be based on bone in vs. boneless, each processor will cut different. Will depend on how much fat is left on your cuts, I'm sure its not so appealing to have 2" bark on your beautiful steak, this is why the butcher trims the cuts. Beef genetics will also determine the way the cattle grow. We stick with the same farmer to buy calves from and are happy with the way our finished product is. "Steaks will eat like butter". Each cow will be different, as you or me, we will grow different and our metabolism is different. Average quarter at 175# will have a take home of about 110# edible cuts. Soup bones, liver, heart, tongue, suet are extras to keep in mind also. You get to decide on any cuts, sizes of roasts, how thick to have your steaks, a personal experience to fit your household!

Pricing example:

776 x 3.25 =$2522 whole animal

776 x 30% = 232  776-232=544

2522/544 = $4.60 per pound final

*Please note the quality of our product will be much better than store bought, your freezer will be stocked and you are paying the same price for your burger AND steaks!