Know Where It's Grown

G.A.R. Horizons has been raising quality meats since 2009. First generation, no Farmers in the family, starting from scratch! Catherine started her hobby farm after her years in 4-H. Since then it has grown to be a business. It is important to know where your food comes from, how it was raised and what it was fed. How many wonder these things while roaming the aisles at the stores?

 Horizons started off with a few pigs, ducks and 2 goats as pets. 

Each year more animals have been added on to now feed many family's all year round.

  • Horizons started raising angus beef in 2013 when Catherine met her farmer guy, Steve. They started raising egg layers, meat ducks and meat chickens
  • Animals are raised with love and care, they are grown naturally, hormone free, steroid free and GMO free. The animals have access to indoor and outdoors to roam. They are fed hay and grain. Animals feed is made at the farm by Steve with his John Deere tractor and grinder mixer.
  • In 2015 they decided it would be good to start getting out into the public to advertise and sell their products. What's better than being able to talk to the person who raised the food you're about to eat?!  Catherine enjoyed her canning hobby and has sold many jars of homemade jams or jellies. At the markets meat is sold by the pound. Also for sale you may see Horizons own fresh vegetables! Veggies are sprayed only with water, again grown as natural as they should.
  • In 2017 G.A.R. Horizons can now be found at Chardon, Painesville and Hambden Twp Farmers Markets. The size of herds or flocks have now doubled since 2013.
  • Fall of 2017 ground was broke for a proposed farm Store.
  • May 15, 2018, Horizons Local Goods opens to the public.
  • Here at the farm Store you may find Farmers Market favorite items like honey, syrup, cookies, popcorn, sauces, pickles and more!
  • Spring of 2018 Farmer Steve was busy getting fields ready to plant our own corn to feed the animals. He also expanded the garden for fresh produce offerings.
  • October of 2018, terrible time to decide to get married. Why? Because it's harvest time! But Catherine and Steve did anyway. And Farmer Steve even showed up! By 4pm after the wedding, Steve was on a tractor picking corn.
  • Great things will come for 2019. More vendors will be added to the farm store! Check the store tab for more information.

G.A.R. Horizons is members of: Geauga County Farm Bureau, Geauga County 4-H, Local Harvest, Chardon Square Association, Ohio Proud

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